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PRESS RELEASE | April 14, 2021

We are excited to announce that GREENMAP (Global Renewable Energy Mass Adoption Program) has secured an outstanding grant from Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF). This grant adds to the grants from Climate Breakthrough Project and from the European Climate Foundation in order to fund GREENMAP’s expansion plans for the next two years in accordance with its strategy and long-term goals.

GREENMAP will use this multi-year core funding support from QCF to work on 3 key areas: (i) The development of its digital platform; (ii) The expansion of target countries operations, and (iii) The operations of its main program. A sizable share of this grant will fund the development of GREENMAP’s Digital Platform which we envision will be a game changer and a fundamental tool to streamline the delivery of our services and the implementation of renewable energy procurement programs in target countries, subsequently leading to faster scale up of clean energy investments and faster decarbonization of power markets.

QCF’s support with this grant will enable GREENMAP to execute on its strategic plan and move faster towards having a stronger global presence in the targeted countries and regions.

We are deeply grateful to QCF for this outstanding vote of confidence which we will honor with the passion and hard work that characterizes us.


GREENMAP stands for Global Renewable Energy Mass Adoption Program. We are an impact-driven and independent non-profit organization created to accelerate deployment of renewable generation in developing economies. GREENMAP’s strategy is to support governments of developing countries design and implement stable regulatory frameworks and new financial schemes to develop their renewable energy sectors and boost the reduction of their GHG emissions. We focus on implementation. GREENMAP is currently funded by the Climate Breakthrough Project (an initiative of the David & Lucile Packard Foundation in partnership with Oak Foundation, Good Energies Foundation and Ikea Foundation), the European Climate Foundation and Quadrature Climate Foundation.

About Quadrature Climate Foundation (QCF)

QCF was launched by Quadrature Capital Limited in 2019, committing a portion of annual profits to fighting the climate emergency. Its mission is to urgently shift the current global climate trajectory towards a better future through philanthropic giving and the persuasion of others to join in the effort.