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We are a nonprofit organisation aimed at scaling up cheaper and faster renewable energy deployment in emerging economies.

We seek to expand reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy, thereby mitigating climate change.

Our MISSION is to accelerate the transition to clean energy in emerging and developing countries by unlocking renewable energy markets to scalable private investments at low prices, promoting sustainable economic development for the people.

Our History

We are an impact-driven and independent nonprofit organization. Our inspiration is Argentina’s successful RenovAr Program, which our core team developed and implemented between 2015 and 2019. Now, our goal is to accelerate deployment of renewable generation in emerging economies by leveraging our experience while adding novel financial instruments and developing innovative technology tools.

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What We Do

We assist governments in the design and execution of successful renewable energy procurement programs, promoting competitive investments. We developed an innovative, proprietary digital platform and well-structured, customizable policy and financial instruments (guarantees) that enable governments to streamline the entire procurement process. We offer a one-stop solution designed to maximize the economic, environmental, and social benefits of the transition to clean energy, complemented by the RELP team’s deep expertise and technical assistance.

We unlock markets.

How We Work

We work directly with governments throughout the entire lifecycle of a renewable energy procurement process, helping design best-in-class auctions. Our working methodology includes:

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Case definition. We have multiple conversations with domestic and international stakeholders to understand their needs and the barriers to successful renewable energy deployment.

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Assessment of alternatives. We conduct an in-depth study, considering the particular context of the country, regional and global market setup, prior successfully implemented energy procurement programs, and case studies.

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Design of the solution. Once we identify the most robust design, we help the host government find the best solution. Three key aspects are 1) de-risking mechanisms, 2) financial and economic considerations, and 3) characteristics of the auction process.

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Implementation phase. We offer the government the option to structure each phase of the renewable energy procurement process, including relevant legal aspects and the implementation of a secure online eTendering process. Given the different types of risks to be mitigated, we also offer the option of integrating with the iTrust—an international guarantee trust for renewable energy. The iTrust is a structured, pre-funded guarantee scheme designed to grant automatic guarantees to all projects awarded in a specific tender.

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Execution and monitoring. An important part of our working cycle is monitoring ongoing projects. We provide governments with insights on relevant metrics and deviations in the construction and operation stages.

Los Teros Wind Turbines

The entire procurement process is carried out within our Platform. Governments and key stakeholders may participate and interact through the use of the different components and modules.

We design and implement better and more competitive procurement processes, stronger regulatory frameworks, and innovative financial schemes and credit enhancement tools that maximize investment and minimize cost to end consumers

Our Donors

RELP is currently funded by philanthropies. To maintain full independence, we do not accept funds from private-sector institutions that could present any conflict of interest (including companies in the utility or power generation business).

Our Partners

We cannot do it alone. Our partners are fundamental to expanding our reach, and building relationships with governments more quickly and effectively.