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Field Work Wind Turbines

We collaborate with regional and national organizations committed to accelerating the energy transition in their countries and globally. Our strong network of partners supports us in implementing our strategy.

As a partner of the UK COP26 Energy Transition Council (ETC) and as an active member of its Rapid Response Facility (RRF), we participate in governments' planning discussions about their energy and climate strategies as well as current needs for specialized technical assistance.

We are now expanding our network in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Southeast Asia (SEA)

As part of the RRF work, we currently coordinate efforts with IRENA, the South East Asia Energy Transition Partnership (SEA ETP), and the UK Climate Compatible Growth Programme (CCG) among others, to provide high-level technical assistance in Southeast Asian countries.

We are partners of Clime Capital, a fund with headquarters in Singapore managing the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF) with the purpose of strengthening the regional professional network in the region.


We are currently advising the National Treasury of South Africa as part of a project funded by the European Climate Foundation (ECF). The scope is to provide research and policy briefs on auction design tools and best practices for addressing the specific risks and limitations of the South African power market.

We leverage the Africa-EU Energy Partnership and other EU programs designed to support renewable energy adoption in the region. A detailed country entry strategy for other target countries in northern and central Africa is in development.

Main objectives:

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Identifying alternative or enhanced support mechanisms for renewables

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Studying government support schemes for renewable energy at national and subnational levels

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Critically comparing such models’ ability to attract investment and implied costs

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Identifying risks and barriers, and proposing recommendations for mitigation

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Facilitating a set of policy recommendations and support for their implementation based on main lessons learned

We worked for the Government of Malawi in partnership with RMI, providing a series of capacity-building activities on auction design and project finance for government officials. Now we are seeking to expand our work in the country to support the implementation of new clean electricity auctions, including better bankability features such as guarantees and other risk-mitigation tools.

Eastern Europe

We are assessing opportunities in "coal-heavy countries” to support a faster energy transition by supporting existing EU platforms and programs focusing on government-level technical assistance in the region and neighboring countries. We could enable governments in the region to maximize the current benefits and financial resources made available through the EU Modernization Fund and Just Transition Fund. In particular, we may help governments streamline renewable energy adoption to support their coal phase-out objectives.

Latin America & Caribbean

We work with the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) network to gather insights on current strategic activities at a national level and to directly connect with energy ministries.

We have a strategic cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) focusing on renewable project development, power sector analysis, credit enhancement tools, risk mitigation, and programme-based guarantee design and implementation.