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PRESS RELEASE | September 8, 2020

We are very proud to announce GREENMAP's strategic partnership with RE Energy Africa, a unique annual intellectual forum and exhibition whose seminal aim is to gather energy professionals and stakeholders for the purpose of ensuring focused and steady march towards the achievement of access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern clear energy for Africa.

As part of this partnership GREENMAP will collaborate in the organization and speak at the RE Energy Africa e-Summit to be held online next October 22-23, 2020. We would like to thank Angelina Galiteva who has played a crucial role in bringing both organizations together. Angelina is a member of GREENMAP’s Board of Advisors and Vice Chair of RE Energy Africa’s Advisory Board. Both organizations are joining efforts toward the mutual goal of accelerating electrification and making clean energy more accessible and affordable to the African people.

Africa is the region where climate change hits harder, making the need for expanding access to clean energy more urgent. Partnerships as the one we are announcing are the kind of sinergies needed to make an impactful change towards achieving climate and sustainable development goals faster and more economically.

GREENMAP has already established its first contacts with MDBs and non-profit organizations to start working in certain African countries.


GREENMAP stands for Global Renewable Energy Mass Adoption Program. We are an impact-driven and independent non-profit organization created to accelerate deployment of renewable generation in developing economies. GREENMAP’s strategy is to support governments of developing countries design and implement stable regulatory frameworks and new financial schemes to develop their renewable energy sectors and boost the reduction of their GHG emissions. We focus on implementation. GREENMAP is currently funded by the Climate Breakthrough Project, an initiative of the David & Lucile Packard Foundation in partnership with Oak Foundation, Good Energies Foundation and Ikea Foundation.