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Daniel Magallón


CEO of the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE)

Daniel is the CEO of the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE), a Swiss-based organization dedicated to scaling up investments and finance in climate change solutions. His work focuses on developing market-based business models and financial mechanisms. Daniel is a sustainable energy technology, financial, and market specialist with many years of experience implementing projects in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa for private and public organizations. Some of the projects and business models that Daniel has been working on include the “Energy Savings Insurance” model currently in implementation in Latin America, Asia, and Europe; the “Financing RE through remittances project”; and the “Cooling as a Service” model, which was recognized by the Global Innovation Lab in 2019. Furthermore, Daniel has been developing innovative financing strategies for electric buses, minigrids, LED street lighting, CHP, energy efficiency, PV, wind, cogeneration, and geothermal, among others. Daniel holds an MSc. in Renewable Energy (Spain, Germany), with a specialization in hybrid systems and mini-grids, an MBA with a specialization in finance, and a BSc. in Civil Engineering.